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i love boys but man i don’t think boys love me 

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  • me: I'm going to bed early tonight.
  • me:
  • me: is that the sun
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Don't you find it suspicious that whenever someone in SM has a gay rumor they are either casted for WGM or get a 'girlfriend'
  • Jongkey: Becomes one of the most popular ships in kpop. Suddenly Jonghyun is dating Shin Se Kyung, while Key ignores Jonghyun after that. Then when they break up, Key slowly starts to warm up to Jonghyun again. When gay rumors of Key start to spread, he suddenly appears on WGM.
  • Taekai & 2Min: There have been rumors of Taemin being gay or bisexual multiple times. Suddenly he's casted on WGM.
  • Heechul: Kisses all the guys, so obviously the fans suspect that he's bisexual or gay. (We all saw this one coming didn't we?) So he's casted on WGM.
  • Baekhyun: Fans were getting suspicous of Baekhyun, because he seems to be a bit too flamboyant. So out of nowhere he starts dating Taeyeon.
  • Kai: Everyone knows how attached he is to his hyungs (Taemin and Kyungsoo) and lately he's been a little bit too clingy. And now, there are rumors of him dating someone from Apink.